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ecause he had appealed to him in the name of his mother. Jarrette continued on his raid. South of Lexington six miles he came suddenly upon nine Federals in a170 school house, sheltered against a heavy rain that was falling.

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After shooting the nine and appropriating the house, he propped each corpse up to a desk, put a book before it and wro

a fit of ague. “Yes, go

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te upon the blackboard fixed against the wall: “John Jarrette and David Poole taught this school today for one hour.

and go quickly; you are past

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We found the pupils all loyal and we left them as we found them.” Again in the German settlement a company of militi

the guards, past all danger

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a were engaged and cut to pieces. Near Dover five militiamen from Carroll County were caught encamped at Tebo bridge a


nd shot. Near Waverly ten men at odd times were picked up and put out of the way. And on the return march to Jackson County no less than



forty-three straggling Federals, in squads of from three to nine, were either surprised or overtaken and executed without trial or discussion. The Grinter Fight A DUTCH colonel, with his company of men, one day came into Piser’s saloon in Independence, Mo., and got to drinking pretty freely a

nd said to Piser, the saloon keeper: “Dose you’se knows where dot Quantrell, dot kill-devil, iss? Gife us another drink. We are going out and get dot Quantrells today, brings his scalps in on ours vidl

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e bits.” Piser, a friend of both Federals and Confederates, pleaded with him to leave the job alone. The Dutch colonel wore a pair of earrings as big as a ring in a bull’s nose.

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a little viles.” So they took the Independence and Harrisonville road and found Quantrell camped close to old man Grinter’s and as usual always ready for any surprise, for he had been s


urprised so much. When the Dutch colonel

and his company came in sight, Quantrell ordered his men to mou

nt and charge, which they did, and when the smoke cleared away onl

y two remained to tell the story. They were a couple hundred yards awa

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